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our dogs are the most important part of TEAM SAFARI! We recently made some new renovations for the comfort and enjoyment for all dogs at Safari.
 A newly built kennel facility at Safari includes indoor outdoor runs for extra time to play.  All outdoor runs are fully covered for protection from the weather as well as securing the tops of the runs, within a 6 ft privacy fence area.  A fully privacy fenced in dog play yard surrounds the building for open play time for all dogs, with large shade trees throughout.  The large yard is divided into multiple sections for additional room for multiple dogs.  The indoor facility is temperature controlled with a digital thermostat for exact temperatures to be set, along with ceiling fans for circulation.  The facility includes a grooming room, exercise and conditioning room. The entire facility both indoor and outdoor is monitored with security cameras for extra protection.  We are excited to continue to expand our facility both at home and our training center!

Life on the road at Safari.

We believe that when a dog is on the road it needs to feel as much like home as possible.  We have a custom coach to assure the dogs comfort and our attached living quarters.  This unit is built with a temperature controlled dog room, with surround sound music.  The dogs all have their own individual crating area that is assigned to that dog for the duration of their campaign.  Dogs are creatures of habit and feel the most comfortable when they know what is expected of them.  Our dogs are willing to please and we want them to feel the same respect from us. 


Multiple show circuits?!.

Since we are a team of handlers there are always options for our dogs.  Sometimes that means we have two different routes on our show schedule.  We have designed a custom built truck as a second vehicle on the road for our dogs. So either way, the dogs have the best of care and traveling comfort.  All temperature controlled to ensure safety when weather is an issue.

The life of luxury on the road, in our custom built ShowHauler designed for the dogs.