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Joe T. Caton


Joe is a past Board member of the Central Ohio Kennel Club, Inc. Joe T. Caton is also a member of the French Bulldog Club of America, Mastiff Club of America, Leonberger Club of America and an AKC Junior Showmanship judge. He has also judged multiple Rare Breed shows including, Leonberger National Specialties and The Argentina Dog National Specialty. As a past Therapy Dog International evaluator he has been involved in taking our dogs to nursing homes and hospitals to help in the rehabilitation of children and adults. Joe is also the instructor at the training center and one of our top handlers.
Kathy Caton-Musto 
Kathy specializes in campaigning our top show dogs at Safari. A true love for the sport, competition and the dogs, Kathy appreciates all aspects of the dog show community.  As the owner of Safari Handling and Training LLC, she directs the team campaigns.  A Past Board member of the Central Ohio Kennel Club, member of The Basenji Club of America and past BCOA national specialty Treasurer, Member of Cane Corso Club of America and French Bulldog Club of America.  Kathy is actively involved with our French Bulldog breeding program for Safari French Bulldogs . Along with her husband David Musto she is active with their Cane Corso program at Bravado Cane Corsos.
Kathy handles all breeds of dogs and travels both nationally in the USA as well as Internationally for large shows.


Jan Caton


Jan is the director of our training center and often the one ringside supporting our crew.  Jan has been active in the sport of pure bred dogs since we purchased our first show dog in the eighties!  She is always happy to assist all our clients and guide them through the promotion of our top dogs. Jan is also a member of Central Ohio Kennel Club.

Kelly Huff

Kelly is one of handlers here at Safari and has been the exclusive handler for many of our top dogs.  She has guided many of our dogs to their championships and rankings.  Kelly and her husband, Tim, have continued the beautiful lines of Basenjis at Victory Basenjis.  Kelly and Tim are a treasured part of the Safari program.Both members of the Central Ohio Kennel Club and Basenji Club of America.